Founded in 2016 as a spin-off company from Koc University in Istanbul, Augmency is a high-tech full-service company. Developing next-generation Augmented Reality solutions to companies from different vertical market segments, Augmency not only tracks new developments in AR/VR technology but also make research activities to contribute. With its expert team and award-winning know-how on augmented reality technology, Augmency provides industrial companies wearable AR devices and best-of-breed software solutions.
In Augmency, we believe that Augmented Reality is the future of technology. AR technology will transform our daily lives so that our everyday devices will either be obsolete or transform to use AR, like mobile phones or televisions.
Our vision is to become the most innovative exemplary technology company both in AR devices and AR/VR Software.  We work with creative and inspiring people.


ExecutIve Team

Hakan Ürey
Hakan Ürey
Chief Science Officer


Hakan is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Koç University in Istanbul.  He was a principal member of the Microvision team and visiting professor at Cambridge University.  Hakan holds more than 50 patents and has more than 200 publications in MEMS based scanners and various MEMS sensors, holography, and optical design. Dr. Ürey earned his Ph.D at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Cüneyt Gargın
Cüneyt Gargın


Cüneyt has been founder and CEO of software companies for the last 20 years Graduated as Electrical Electronics Engineer from Middle East Technical University Completed his MBA in Bilgi University He has deep knowledge on Logistics Manufacturing and Management Ambitious about new Technologies and Science.

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